Select List of People Endorsing Mayor Jon Mutchler

List of key endorsements from business, community, and political leaders/owners:

Boone & Annie McNamee-Carlson, Ferndale math teacher, small business owner

Jon Mutchler, a candidate for the mayor of Ferndale, is dependably dependable. I speak from experience. 

My husband Boone, who is a math teacher at Ferndale High, and I own our own business. We have known Jon for 36 years since our college days at WWU.  Even back in college Jon Mutchler was known for his service-oriented enthusiasm.

Things haven’t changed much in regards to Jon Mutchler! Jon volunteers personally and tirelessly in our community. He has lived in this community for three decades and knows the heartbeat of its citizens. 

Many a day Jon has his sign up in front of Woods Coffee inviting folks to “Come meet with the Mayor”.  He invites friend or foe to come and have a chat. This is the same Jon that we have known for 36 years. He has not changed. He is the REAL DEAL. 

You can not say that about everyone. But time is the test and in my book. Jon has passed the test! I believe Jon Mutchler is deeply invested in our community and will lead with vision and integrity! 

Paul Akers, CEO of Fastcap and world-recognized expert on LEAN.

Jon should get another term because citizen leadership is critical to good governance. We need leaders with practical experience not political entrenchment. I wholeheartedly support Jon Mutchler for a second term as mayor of Ferndale

Joanne Donellan, retired Ferndale High School orchestra director and teacher

Jon brings excellent insight and understanding of the issues to the office of Mayor, makes himself available to community members, and is respectful to all.


Connie Faria, Ferndale planning commissioner, former council member

Ken Bell, Port of Bellingham Commissioner

Greg Crim, Ferndale planning commissioner

I have had the privilege to sit on the planning commission the last two years and have seen Mayor Mutchler’s love, passion and vision for Ferndale and I believe in the direction he wants Ferndale to go in the future. I fully endorse Mayor Mutchler and look forward to working with him in the future to continue to make Ferndale a great community and a great place to live and work. [Greg]

Tim Cornwell,E.A.G.L.E. Board member, former Ferndale planning commissioner, founding partner of Chuckanut Cheesecake Company

I have known Jon Mutchler in a wide range of capacities for over 30 years and have observed him in many roles.  He exudes passion and commitment toward people and  this community, and whether it’s raising his family, leading his church, serving us on City Council, and now leading us as Mayor, he works tirelessly to do the best job possible and puts the citizens of Ferndale first. 

He’s a strong and effective communicator and brings clarity, understanding, and vision to those whom he leads. All this, and more, lead me to believe Jon has been a strong and effective mayor of Ferndale and should be reelected to represent all of us, whether citizens or small business owners. (Tim)

Tyler Byrd, Current Whatcom County Council member

Steve Malpezzi, former Ferndale City Council member

Luanne VanWerven, Representative, 42nd District

Susan Cole, Ferndale planning commissioner (chairperson), former Ferndale Council member

Jack Louws, Whatcom County Executive

Fred Kennedy, former Ferndale City Council member and planning commissioner

Mayor Mutchler has provided much needed…






Ferndale CLICKs with Mayor Mutchler, as he treats everyone with respect, even when under attack from those without goodwill

Mayor Mutchler raised the bar for City Council professionalism.  He has helped the homeless.  He has generated goodwill with the Lummi Tribe, resulting in significant agreements.  He advocates purposefully and proactively in Olympia to gain state funding for Ferndale infrastructure (Thornton Road, Pioneer Park) and the much-needed wastewater treatment plant.

Jon has hired a high-performing City Staff of motivated, highly intelligent, and incredibly well-qualified professionals for public works, finance, planning, development, police, and administration, each whom works tirelessly to put Ferndale first.

That is leadership.  That is experience. That’s what Ferndale needs.

Doug Bascom, former Ferndale Arts Commission member, professional photographer

I have known Jon Mutchler for most of ten years that I lived in Ferndale, relating to him in a variety of ways throughout that time, including as one of his adult piano students, cycling together in the surrounding countryside, and discussing faith and politics over coffee.

I have found Jon to be an honest, thoughtful man of intelligence and integrity who seeks to do his best to genuinely hear and understand others. His ability to listen without judgement to those that disagree – sometimes strongly – with him, is an important asset in the often harsh political arena! I appreciate his energy, humor, multifaceted life, and care for the community in which he lives.

An excellent professional concert pianist, Jon has volunteered as a piano player at Louisa Place and for many other community functions, supports the Arts through Ferndale Dance and has been a regular promoter of the Ten Thousand Villages Craft Sale held each Fall at Good News Fellowship Church.

A thoughtful and sincere man of action, I support Jon’s bid for re-election as Ferndale’s Mayor. (Doug)

Ellie Margulies, founder/owner Flex Movement Lab, 2017 Under 40 Business Leader of the Year (Bellingham Business Journal)Ellie and Jon 2019 - 1

“I fully support Mayor Jon for reelection. He shares my core values and passions including creating an inclusive and inviting community for all of Ferndale, holding himself as a leader to the highest level of integrity and service, and prioritizing the importance of health and wellness for our families.   He is fully dedicated to doing all he can to make downtown a thriving place for businesses and citizens. He absolutely has my support” (Ellie)

Dr. Jack (and Glenda) Thompson, former Ferndale Schools superintendent

We are pleased to endorse Jon Mutchler for Mayor for the city of Ferndale.  He has provided strong and energetic leadership for our city these past years and we want to see our community continue to thrive and advance.

Jon was a very hard worker on the Maintenance and Operations levy committee (1989) when Jack was Superintendent of Ferndale School District.  We see that same stellar work ethic demonstrated throughout Ferndale now as it progresses and grows and in the years ahead.  Jon is and has been instrumental in bringing vision, creativity, good will and concrete change.

Jon is a person of integrity whose listening skills permit him to communicate with a variety of citizen opinions.

Please join us in supporting Jon.  We are confident at you will make an excellent choice. (Jack and Glenda Thompson)

Carol Brumet, former Ferndale City Council member and planning commissioner

I am supporting Jon Mutchler for mayor because of his unwavering dedication to our City.  We may not always agree, but that is democracy at its best!  It’s difficult to argue with steadfast perseverance and drive.

Dustin Saskin, Ferndale planning commissioner

Jon has a strong commitment to community engagement and puts forth and excellent effort to ensure everyone’s voice is heard in all issues that directly effect our town.  (Dustin)

Ken Gustafson, Bellingham Fire Department, Division Chief (ret.), Windermere

Russ Johnston, former Ferndale city council member, founder of Chuckanut Cheesecake Company

As a former Ferndale City Councilman, co-founder of Chuckanut Cheesecake Company, and my 30 year relationship with Jon Mutchler, I heartily endorse Jon Mutchler for a second term as mayor.  He is an advocate for business in the city while looking out for every citizen and making himself available for every citizen to meet with him.  He has the highest integrity of any politician I have ever met.  Please vote for Jon.

Doug Ericksen, senator, 42nd district

Mayor Jon Mutchler has earned your vote for re-election.  His hard work, dedication, and kind heart are making Ferndale a better town everyday. 

Vincent Buys, former state representative, 42nd district

Robert Storms, Vista Middle School Band Director (ret.)

Having lived in Ferndale longer than I did in Bellingham (25 years) I can safely say that our city is well served by our present mayor. In the years that I’ve been here in Ferndale, my thoughts were of simply voting for the people I knew. (Cecil Barr, et. al.) The city was only 2500 residents at that time, and the office of mayor was a much simpler gig. When Jon Mutchler arrived in Ferndale his ambitious work caught my attention. I then voted for him because of his work, rather than his friendship. [Bob Storms]

To my surprise, he turned out to be much better than I had expected in his new job as our mayor. In my opinion, no one has ever tried as hard to make Ferndale a better city in which to live since I came to Whatcom County in 1958. Please help Jon stay in office and continue his great work for our city. Please join me and vote for Jon Mutchler.

Chris McReynolds (Syndel Corporation, CEO)

Sean Hegstead (Haven Design Workshop) ; E.A.G.L.E. Board member

Scott Locker, Be the One,  Ferndale Director

Ron York, Ferndale home builder

“I’m backing Jon Mutchler for Mayor of Ferndale. Will you join me? Ferndale has prospered in a difficult time under the strong leadership of its current mayor, Jon Mutchler, and I think it’s imperative that we continue on this path.

My line of work occasionally draws me into Ferndale City Council meetings to listen and to be heard. I happened to be in attendance at Jon Mutchler’s first city council meeting and I was immediately impressed with his participation and critical thinking on his first night. I thought to myself “He is going to be a true asset to the city council and the Ferndale community,” and he certainly has been.

Jon has great leadership qualities. One of those qualities is that he listens to people’s opinions on issues that matter. In fact, he has a history of being proactive and reaching out to people to ask important questions that will need to be answered by Ferndale’s leaders. I like that about him. He’s available and approachable. He loves the community and wants the best for it. To be fair, I think the people he’s running against in the primaries do too, but I have seen clear evidence that Jon is head and shoulders above the other candidates. If we want the best for Ferndale, we need the best leadership possible and that’s Jon Mutchler.” [RON YORK, Ferndale homebuilder]

D.J. VanWeerhuizen, DJ and DJ construction, Ferndale home builder

Max and Carole Perry,  Perry Pallets (Owner and CEO)

Darin Somers, Ferndale public school teacher

My history with Mayor Jon Mutchler goes back to the fall of 2014. At that time, Jon was serving his second term on Ferndale’s city council. He took the time to stop by the homes in my neighborhood to tell us that the council was about to vote to sell and destroy our neighborhood park to build more houses. The council had been given misinformation, and told the property was derelict land. Our developed park had existed as such for over 14 years, featured beautiful mature trees planted by Boy Scouts and special needs students, featured park sign, and was listed on Ferndale’s own Parks Master Plan as 100% complete! No one on the council had taken the time to investigate except Jon. At the eleventh hour, our neighborhood petition prevailed. Without his genuine interest and concern, our neighborhood would have lost a precious asset. 

This is the kind of person Jon is – interested, dedicated, and looking out for the well-being of the citizens of Ferndale. Check his record of service. It speaks volumes. He makes himself available to listen to individual concerns at Woods coffee almost every morning of the week. He has invested time and energy into Ferndale parks, improved access to those with disabilities through new sidewalks and crosswalks, steered the city toward the reality of the Thornton overpass, and made real progress toward new sources of water and an improved waste-water treatment facility, to name a few accomplishments.

Mayor Mutchler has successfully served and led Ferndale. He has taken the time to get to know those who live here and understand their concerns. Let’s build on this forward momentum, and vote for someone with the experience and integrity to help Ferndale continue to be an awesome place to live. Vote Jon Mutchler, Ferndale Mayor.

Daniel Bell, Whatcom Electric (Owner and CEO)

Arnold Evanson, Master Gardener

Bobbi Ferguson, S.C.O.P.E. Officer

John Friberg, Friberg Construction (Owner and CEO)

Robert Pinkley, The Leader Block, downtown Ferndale developer

Frank Imhoff, Imco Construction (Owner and CEO)

Vince Dyer, architect, Ferndale Arts commission, Parks Board

Phillips 66 Refinery

The Whatcom Republican Party

Paul Bulanov, Keller Williams, Parks Board member

Todd McKernan, Parks Board member

Ferndale has some big choices this election cycle….. Thumbs up to reelect Mayor Jon Mutchler [Todd]

Sam Crawford, former Whatcom County Council Member

Bill Knudsen, former Whatcom County Council Member

Jon Rockwood, Rockwood Realtor (owner)

John and Laura Marshall, Windermere Real Estate and National Night Out organizers (honoring First Responders)

Mike and Faye Britt

Nancy Larson, executive director, Whatcom Skagit Housing

I support Jon Mutchler for Mayor of Ferndale. He has been very proactive and supportive regarding issues of housing affordability. His involvement in our program and counting support is much appreciated. [Nancy Larsen-Kolakowski]

All five small cities mayors:

“The mayors of all Whatcom County smaller cities [Blaine, Sumas, Lynden, Everson, Ferndale, Nooksack] endorse Jon who has demonstrated she passion for serving and advocating for his City.”

Bonnie Onyon (Blaine),

 I’ve known Mayor Mutchler for  along time: both as a friend and public official. His boundless energy, fairness, and dedication to his community have served Ferndale well for many years.  He is a great choice for Mayor and I look forward to continuing to work with him within the Whatcom County Small Cities Caucus. (Mayor Bonnie Onyon)

Scott Korthuis (Lynden),

It is not a slogan or an overstatement to say that Mayor Mutchler puts Ferndale first. For the past four years I have had the privilege of interacting with Jon Mutchler in a variety of personal, professional, and local government settings. You could not have a finer representative and champion. 

His passion for the Ferndale community has always been very evident; the citizens of Ferndale have been well-served by Mayor Mutchler!

Many of his impressive accomplishments can be visited, walked on, or calculated by dollars and cents. But that isn’t the whole story because so much of his valuable advocacy cannot be pointed at or measured. He has moved Ferndale forward during his tenure in a positive culture that values people and balances vision with fiscal responsibility. 

I urge you to re-elect Mayor Mutchler; to lose his depth of experience will cost Ferndale residents dearly (Mayor Scott Korthius, Lynden)

Kyle Christensen (Sumas),

John Perry (Everson),

Jim Ackerman (Nooksack)

Jeff Callender, Governmental Affairs Director, Phillips 66 (retired)

Herb Porter, Ferndale School Teacher, Homeland Security (retired)

Pete Dawson, Dawson Construction

Erik Johnson, Professional Counselor (ret.)

In the twenty-plus years I’ve known Jon Mutchler he has always been a civic-minded man of integrity and honesty. I encourage Ferndale citizens to vote for Jon Mutchler for Mayor. [Erik]

Doug Bascom, former Arts Commissioner

Separate Realtors List: I am proud to have the support of local realtors who know our city, who appreciate the work City Hall does in their behalf, and have a passion and commitment to their Ferndale clients!

Tim Cornwell, Bellwether

Dan Washburn, Windermere 

Elizabeth Paull, Buck Real Estate

Greg Crim, Bellwether

Jon Rockwood, Rockwood

Lindsey Graham Elenbaas, Coastal Realty

David Hiller, Rockwood

Rob Washburn, Windermere

John Marshall, Windermere

Laura Marshell, Windermere

Tommy Mutchler, Remax

Mike Kent, Windermere

Paul Bulanov, Keller Williams

Lyre Sorenson, Windermere

Bill Henshaw, Windermere

John Templeton, Windermere

Greg Grant, Coldwell Banker/Bain

Sean Jeffrey, Remax

I’ve known Jon for nearly 14 years now since coaching one of his son’s basketball teams. Jon has always put our community of Ferndale first. As a prior councilmember, and as Mayor these past 4 years, Jon takes the time to study the  issues and do what is best for our community. 

As an example, I think it great that Jon reaches out to me for my professional opinion regarding the housing and real estate market in order to find ways on how Ferndale may better serve its citizens and work toward more affordable housing. I 100% endorse Jon Mutchler for mayor of Ferndale.”  - Sean

Ken Gustafson, Windermere

Jono Anderson, Jon Rockwood Real Estate

Becki Taylor, eXp Realty

Phil Dyer, Sterling Real Estate (owner)

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