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Jon’s Stump Speech, short and sweet

Ellie Margulie, Flex Movement Lab and “Under 40 Business Leader of the Year”

Analise “Rosie the Riveter” and a “Riveting Interview “

First time voter, Alex Faria, and the Ferndale Civic Youth Council

This is why I wish to serve a second term as mayor:  my kids, grand kids, as well as yours! [And yes, I can definitely use your help!  Click here to donate safely online via Paypal]

We have great future as a community. Ferndale was in terrific shape when I took over (from Mayor Jensen) in 2016, but since that time the city has improved on nearly every front.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Crime has plummeted to one-third of what it was just twelve years ago and we have cracked the top 20 (#19) of Washington’s safest cities. [72 crime events/1000 in 2005 to 23/1000 last year]

    Steady population growth, while crime plummets

    Steady population growth, while crime plummets

  • City revenues are up while taxes have not been raised. We’ve paid down debt and strengthened our reserves. We’ve been good stewards of this strong economy.
  • Record numbers of outstanding citizens are involved in their government, most notably teens who are serving on the Arts Commission, Parks Board, Planning Commission, and the Youth Civics Council—all helping council and mayor make better decisions.
  • The City has excelled in community engagement with a social media presence envied by other cities and a mayor and government that have made themselves accessible to the whole community.
  • A number of new initiatives demonstrate our respect and appreciation for citizen input including the Humble Hometown Hero twice-monthly recognition, Brewing Over City Business (free coffee cards for first-time council visitors), and Operation Love Thy Neighborhood cleanup opportunities.
  • We honored our local WW2/POW heroes by renaming two streets, Joe Moser Lane and Dick Stone Lane, and also inaugurated an annual community Veteran’s Day Service in partnership with our local American Legion.
  • During this administration we secured $21,500,000 for the design and construction of the Thornton overpass which will benefit traffic city-wide.
  • Working with our state legislature, the mayor also secured funding so that attractive stamped-sidewalks were added throughout our iconic Pioneer Park. We also added crosswalks and handicap parking downtown to make it safer and more accessible to all, regardless of disabilities.
  • Though there is more to do, we have cut red-tape, time, and expense in our Planning and Permitting Department. We have put much of this work “online” so businesses and contractors and keep producing and avoid needless trips to City Hall.
  • This administration has reorganized our top level management staff, restructured compensation, and saved the City tens of thousands of dollars yearly.
  • Washington Street was completed and a new roundabout added at Portal Way that has improved afternoon commutes for all. We drilled a new well to 1000 feet, tapping a new water supply and plan to bring online soon. This week, we secured $5,000,000 in the funding for a sewer plant upgrade.
  • We continue to attract new businesses, stores, and neighbors.  The city grows at a healthy and steady pace.
  • We work closely with and support Unity Care, which is near completion of a needed 23,000 square foot low-cost heath care facility in east Ferndale.

There is more to be done:

  • Connecting Thornton to I-5 in an efficient way and under budget, to relieve commuter traffic city-wide. We break ground this year.
  • Bringing online a new sewer plant and our new deep water well, ensuring those essential utilities for decades for us and our children, while financing this in a responsible and fair way.
  • Working closely with the school district to bring the best value and lowest cost to the new high school following passage of the high school bond (62% approval district wide, 71% in the City).
  • Finding long term solution to our city’s facility needs, most importantly, a court room and justice center that brings a minimum level of safety and dignity to witnesses, victims, advocates, and defendants.
  • Replacement of our performance stage in our iconic Pioneer Park through community donations and efforts (minimal or no cost to the City)

About Jon, briefly: 

Before serving as mayor Jon was a six-year city council member, a member of the Whatcom County Charter Review Commission, and founding pastor of the Ferndale Alliance Church.  He and his wife Diane have raised seven children in Ferndale and have two grandchildren. He has a bachelor of music (B.Mus) from Western Washington University and a Master of Divinity (M.Div) from Regent College (Vancouver, B.C.). Jon is a professional musician (and can be heard at times playing piano around town), and the founding pastor of Ferndale Alliance Church.  More at Jon’s home page.

The general election is November 5, 2019.   The office of mayor pays $1781/month and is a four-year term. I can use your help with your support and financial help.  Please click here to assist with any sized gift:

Jon R. Mutchler
PO Box 1934
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